About BioAsia

                    Zhejiang BioAsia Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. (BioAsia Pharmaceutical) ,was set by Shanghai BioAsia Biomedical Group in 2011, a national biotech and medical high-tech enterprise covering the whole industry chains from fundamental research to industrial transformation, with the systematic research and application development of Cordyceps fungus resources as the main business, to promote the inheritance, industrial modernization and internationalization of Cordyceps chanhua, Cordyceps militaris, Tolypocladium guangdongensis, Beauveria?bassiana and Ophiocordyceps sinensis, etc., and their fermentation products, In the field of Cordycipitoid fungi, national high-tech enterprises covering biotechnology and medicine and health from basic research to industrial transformation. BioAsia Pharmaceutical's bases of R/D and industry distribute at Pinghu of Zhejiang (Headquarters), Huai'an of Jiangsu, Shanghai and Eskilstuna, Sweden. We have established one of the world's leading Cordycipitoid herbarium and culture collection center and solid fermentation center. We have also estblished BiaAsia Life Science Institute,Cordyceps Museum,Jiangsu BioAsia Cordyceps Health Farm,own an distinguished international scientific research team, an industrial management team, a work station of academician and experts, as well as an unique patented strain and core biotechnology. Over the years, the company has been focusing on the innovation and development of Cordyceps products, walking in the frontier of Cordyceps cultivation R/D. In 2018, Cultivation Technology of Cordyceps chanhua created by our scientific research team won a gold award,the first microbiological invention patent with this honor. After 15 years of application work, Cordyceps chanhua developed by the company was approved as a new food ingredient, in 2020, also the third new Cordyceps food ingredient, following Cordyceps?guangdongensis and Cordyceps militaris. A series of fermented products developed by BioAsia scientists meticulously with lean production and excellent quali


                    our team


                    Honorary Chairman: Mr. Feng Guorong
                    Chariman: Mr. Sun Changsheng
                    Vice Chariman: Ms. Wu Yun, Mr. Xu Xiaoya
                    Board member: Mr. Zhou Decheng, Ms. Yu Li, Mr. Zhao Wenqi, Mr. Chen Ken, Mr. Li Guoqiang

                    Board of supervisors丨2021

                    Chairman of the Supervisory: Mr. Ruan Guangming
                    Supervisors: Mr. Tan Youjiu, Ms. Wu Beibei

                    Management Team丨2021

                    President: Mr. Sun Changsheng (concurrently)
                    Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Li Guoqiang
                    Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President: Mr. Zhu Xuejun
                    Vice President: Mr. Gao Jinan
                    Chief Scientist: Mr. Zengzhi Li
                    Chief Engineer: Mr. Li Chunru

                    Zhuan Chen


                    He is now a researcher of Zhejiang bioasia Life Science Research Institute and chief microbiologist of Zhejiang BioAsia Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. ......

                    Zengzhi Li

                    Professor and doctoral supervisor

                    He is now a researcher and director of Zhejiang BioAsia Life Sciences Research Institute and the chief scientist of Zhejiang BioAsia Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd......

                    Meizhen Fan

                    Professor and doctoral supervisor

                    She is now a researcher of Food and Health Food Research Center of Zhejiang BioAsia Institute of Life Sciences and an expert of China Cordyceps Industry Innovation Technology Alliance......

                    Yiping Chen

                    Professor, doctoral supervisor, chief physician

                    She is now a tenured professor and chief physician of Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.....



                    January 2021

                    ChanHua developed by BioAsia have been approved as new food raw materials by the National Health Commission


                    September 2020

                    BioAsia talent input index ranks among the top eight in Jiaxing


                    March 2019

                    BioAsia was identified as "Zhejiang Provincial Popular Science Education Base"


                    International product

                    Outside mainland China

                    • Plantamed
                    • European Union Domestic Sales
                    • Low dose drug
                    • Non-continental sales

                    Domestic products

                    Mainland China

                    • ChanHua food raw material
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